"Everyone of you is precious in God’s eyes."

-M. Teresa Spinelli

“… treat them as princesses endowed with an eternal destiny. Lavish on them all the love, care and respect due to them …”

- M. Teresa Spinelli

"Without you, O Lord, I can do nothing."

- M. Teresa Spinelli

"Here I am, ready and prepared, Lord; let whatever happens, happen come what may, as long as it is Your Holy Will."

- M. Teresa Spinelli

"God is so good that He willingly gives me everything without receiving anything in return."

- M. Teresa Spinelli

"Trust in God. On your part do what is possible and He will always do as befits Him."

- M. Teresa Spinelli

We, the Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary are principally a teaching Congregation founded on the 23rd September 1827 by Maria Teresa Spinelli, in Frosinone, Italy. Being founded within the Church and for the Church, we have committed ourselves to offer witness and be ready to give our service to God’s people whoever they are, without distinction of colour and creed. For this reason we are always ready to open our hearts to the signs of the times and respond generously to the needs they present so as to quench Christ’s thirst for souls. It is our aim to embed Christ’s Kingdom in the hearts of those people who come in contact with us.


Maria Teresa Spinelli was born in the centre of Rome on the first day of October 1789. Through her daughters, the Augustinian Sisters, the seed sown by Teresa has grown over the years into a huge tree that has spread its roots into five continents, to continue the mission begun by this simple woman filled with courage and the love of God.


The Congregation of the Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary was founded within the Church and for the Church. Therefore, it is committed to offer witness and give service through its mission to God’s people.


The Roman Teresa Spinelli opened her first school for girls in Frosinone in 1821.  She always had the wish to become one with Christ the Suffering Servant.  She wanted to fulfil this ideal with others by forming, together with them, a community that would live the Gospel on the model of the first community ‘where everyone would carry within her that communal love that makes up one heart – the ‘heart of Christ’.  The name ‘Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary’ expresses in a few words the Spirituality and Charism of the Congregation that she founded.