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Vocational work in Malta is carried out by a team. The Vocation Centre whose motto is ‘One Heart and One Soul in Christ’ organizes activities all year round. Some of these activities are:

  • Commitment day in which members commit themselves to being faithful to the centre and its aims.
  • A prayer meeting for 12 to 15-year-old members, organised on a weekly basis.
  • Overnights and weekend seminars in which youths are guided in self-knowledge and in discovering the will of God for them.
  • Community experiences for members who show interest in the consecrated life.
  • Specially organized activities during Holy Week to help youths reflect more deeply on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Outings and get-togethers for members and organisers to get to know each other better and share moments of recreation.
  • A special programme is organized during the summer holidays. It includes outings to the sea, ‘open air’ prayer meetings, boat trips and so on.

In our Vocation Centres, the Sisters invite girls to come and join their friends in a group according to their age and receive a spiritual, moral and social education. The Sisters accompany these girls during the Scholastic Year by meeting them in prayer groups, weekend seminars and recreational activities. Older girls love the opportunities to experience our community life and enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to live for a period of time with us. The most exciting time of all is during the summer holidays, when the Sisters in charge keep in touch with these girls by means of the summer camps and other activities organised for them.

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Australia, Melbourne

Every week both communities (North Sunshine and Avondale Heights) organize prayers for vocations. Apart from this, once a month the communities pray together with lay people. Fathers from the Missionary Society of St Paul organize weekend seminars with a vocational theme twice a year. Our sisters participate during these seminars. Exhibitions that show the Spinellian spirituality and the work that our sisters do all over the world are occasionally set up too.

England, London

Vocational promotion is carried out mostly through work done in the hostel. The sisters there work wholeheartedly and are a witness of a life of prayer and communion to all those who stay at the hostel and live in the neighbourhood.


In Laguna, the Diocese organises a month dedicated to vocations for all Congregations. The vocation promoter, together with other religious visit secondary classes in state schools, even out of Laguna. During these visits our sisters meet youths and talk about Spinellian spirituality and about the religious life.

In Tagaytay the sisters visit parishes and secondary schools. When a teenager shows interest in the religious life, the sister in charge visits her family and keeps in touch through correspondence. Retreats and seminars are also organized in our convents.

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Every three months, the sisters visit parishes, school and colleges in their state. This implies spending long hours travelling and spending a long time out of the community. Those who show interest in the religious life are invited to follow a correspondence course and are later approached individually. Spiritual encounters are organized on a regular basis and individuals are invited to spend some time in the communities.

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Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

In spite of political insecurity, vocational work is still carried out here. Teenagers who show an interest in the religious life attend a monthly retreat. After a year, they are invited for a community experience. Subsequently, they go back to their homes and are given time to decide whether they really want to follow the religious life.

India, Kerala

Every Sunday the sisters visit the parish where they talk to teenagers about the religious life and give out brochures.

The Holy Eucharist gives me strength and sense to my life.

– M Teresa Spinelli